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Do you manage PR placement ?

We certainly do. Our exceptional contact list and strategic skills are key to our product and editorial placement services. Online, national and international publications form the backbone to our placement strategy. Our team will identify those that are the best fit for your product, brand or service and then we’ll begin working our magic to position your business where it belongs.  Whether your objectives are to drive sales, expand your audience or raise your profile, we pride ourselves on providing placement services that meet your goals. We take care to cultivate our industry relationships and always have our ear to the ground to ensure that our PR placement services are optimal, timely and relevant.

I need a press release. How can you help my business get noticed?

We identify newsworthy angles to stimulate engagement and then we create and distribute the press releases to the right channels according to your aims. Whether you want to promote a product launch, drive brand awareness, showcase an upcoming event or simply drive traffic to your website, we can take the guesswork out of getting noticed by creating compelling articles that get seen by the right people. The quality of our distribution services enhances trust in your brand and we provide you with measurable results on how your exposure has been boosted.

Should I choose Public Relations over Digital Marketing?

We recommend that you choose both! The exact perfect blend will of course depend on
your particular business and objectives, but in today’s online world PR and digital
marketing go hand in hand. In fact, they’re pretty much inseparable!
Traditional PR still plays an important role, but it’s imperative for all brands to have a
strong online presence to maximise the potential of public relations activity.
Whether it’s making use of analytics to analyse and tweak campaigns to optimise their
success, planning consistent and creative content across platforms to enhance audience
engagement, or leveraging social media to expand your reach, digital marketing is key to
the success of your PR activity.
If you’re not sure how to connect your PR and digital marketing, we’re here to make
them work together for you.

Can I just take out advertising instead of PR?

You can, but you’re likely to get a lot less ‘bang for your buck’ if you focus solely on an
advertising campaign without a solid PR strategy in place. Of course, you’re paying for
exposure and guaranteed placement, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a solid ROI.
Public Relations is a long-term strategy for the success of your business. It builds trust in
your brand that is earned and attains third-party validation that can achieve a level of
credibility that no advertising campaign alone can buy. A mention in an influential
publication or by an industry expert can often boost your profile and reach far more than
an expensive advertising campaign that needs to be repeated before it even begins to register with your target audience.

Can PR results be measured?

While assessing the impact of Public Relations is not an exact science, there are
certainly some established parameters that can help to measure the value of any PR
campaign. The Barcelona Principles were established in 2010 to provide a framework for
measuring the success of PR activity, and have since been updated to align with the
evolution of the industry. These include the importance of both qualitative and
quantitative analysis, the absolute prerequisite of goal setting and a holistic approach to
measuring performance across all channels.
With the increasing integration of digital marketing into any traditional PR approaches,
powerful online analytical tools can also provide an insight into the impact of multi-
channel PR campaigns.
At Slava Communication, we make it a priority to discuss client expectations and targets
to ensure full transparency in our methods at every step of the way.

Can you set up Influencer Partnerships for me?

Yes, we can. We have an extensive network of trusted influencers from a wide range of
sectors, including beauty, fashion, food and beverages. Before we set about setting up
an influencer collaboration, we ensure that we carefully identify the right target and
define your goals and budget.

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