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A fully-integrated solution

Slava Communication is the culmination of years of skilful navigation through the worlds of PR and marketing, with founder Laura Jouve at the helm. A PR and communication expert who has been in the business for more than 10 years, her services have been sought out by celebrities and industry leaders around the globe.

In 2021, she decided to take the natural next step and set up her own company, bringing together all of her expertise, her exclusive network of contacts and the talents she has met along the way.

The word “Slava” has its origins in the Slavic languages and holds personal significance for Laura as it is a tribute to her late Serbian grandmother. The “Slava” is a Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition of the ritual glorification of a family's patron saint, who is believed to be their protector and provider of welfare.

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Our Philosophy

Find the perfect balance

We believe that the perfect balance of creative thinking and sleek strategies combine to make magic happen.

Our mission is to be the partner of choice for businesses by going beyond the realm of traditional communication or content creation agencies.
Our ambitious vision inspires everything we do. Slava Communication has the capability to shapeshift into a seamless extension of your business growth plan with its full-service offering of media relations, strategic partnerships and creative events.
Our multi-pronged approach builds up brands through traditional PR, social media campaigns and event publicity and production.

The story behind your success is important and we’re here not just to tell people how far you’ve come, but to help you write the next chapter as well.

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Our founder

Laura Barisic

Communications specialist

From when she first embarked on the path of marketing and communication at university, Laura Barisic, a French native, is a natural in the world of communication and PR.

From her first forays into the sector working in the digital communication divisions of several companies, she gradually built her reputation through word-of-mouth recommendations and saw an increasing number of entrepreneurs, influencers and celebrities approaching her to forge partnerships.
She has spent the past ten years helping brands and businesses find their niche in the digital world. With an expertise in fashion and luxury brands, she is also passionate about technology and fintech, designing apps for both consumers and companies, navigating social media platforms and building online communities that matter.

Slava is her brainchild and the natural progression of her PR and marketing vision. Whether through strategic counsel, marketing and communication plans, or creative content, she and her team are committed to helping their clients thrive in an increasingly complex marketplace.

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Time Travel: Delivering results yesterday






Sabrine Louhichi

Communication Officer

With her diverse background spanning over five years in the PR industry, Sabrine has honed her skills in both the fashion and banking sectors. Her recent move to Barcelona marks a new chapter in her already impressive career. Sabrine's expertise lies in crafting compelling narratives that align with but also enhance the luxurious and fashionable essence of the brands she represents. Sabrine's natural flair for crafting compelling narratives and her profound understanding of the communication landscape allow her to weave stories that engage and resonate deeply with audiences. This skill, combined with her passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity and excellence, positions her as a pivotal force the luxury and fashion industry.

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Persuasion: Transforming every conversation and narrative into a captivating dance of influence and engagement




Leilanie Fernandez

Scouting Manager

Highly-qualified and motivated, Leilanie began her career at prestigious model agencies IMG in Paris and Platinum in Istanbul, where she fully immersed herself in the modelling world. More recently, she worked as Booking and PR Manager for five years at Art Factory Management, where she was responsible for the management and development of the elite portfolios of its clients, as well as all aspects of bookings, regularly collaborating with high-end magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior and Middle Eastern and European fashion designers.

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X-Ray Vision: Spoting star quality and perfect partnerships. 




Jacqui Chappell

Creative Copywriter

Jacqui has an impressive track record in the creative and localisation industries, with business acumen gained from managing companies and start-ups, as well as marketing and promotional campaigns.

An expert in transcreation and copywriting, she has created website text, blogs, scripts and more, specialising in the fashion and entertainment industries.

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Telepathy: Understanding clients’ goals and ambitions.



Develop the visibility of your Brand

We work with

Worldwide Talents

We work with an amazing pool of talents worldwide, from photographers to models. They all come from different backgrounds and have successfully created their own unique and recognisable style alongside impressive clients lists.

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