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Slava is also a international boutique agency providing representation, management and production services. We operate in Paris, London, Barcelona and Dubai.

This new branch was born from the fusion of knowledge and experience of its team and a desire to provide artists and models with transparency and fairness. In other words, to respect their art and ethos by offering them assignments that fit their identity and strengths while providing brands with an “all inclusive” solution.

We work with an amazing pool of talents worldwide, from photographers to models. They all come from different backgrounds and have successfully created their own unique and recognisable style alongside impressive clients lists.

In line with our company values, Slava Communication aims to partner with brands that work towards sustainability and have similar values of transparency and respect.

Develop the visibility of your brand

Photographer - based in Dubai

Hairstylist - based in Paris

Stylist - based in Berlin

Makeup artist - based in Dubai

Photographer - Based in Barcelona

Photographer - based in Europe

Videographer - based in Paris

Photographer & Videographer - based in Paris

Model - Based in South of France

Makeup artist - Based in Barcelona

Model - based in South of France

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