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Our Production offer

What types of production do you offer?

Slava can take care of all aspects of photo and video production. We understand the importance of outstanding visual assets to set you apart from the competition and capture attention. We carefully select the right photographer or videographer to match your vision and we can manage shoots from initial concept right through to delivery. We can hire the models, organise the locations and call in top hair and makeup artists, so all that’s left for you to do is sign off on your success. Corporate video production, fashion shoots, digital content creation and editing are the standout services we provide. Our deep understanding of visual communication allows us to offer fresh, stylish and impactful productions.

Can you manage the entire production of my video or photo shoot?

Absolutely. We have the set-up and talents to enable us to manage every aspect of your
shoot from start to finish. Our years of experience in production mean that we can offer
you the full suite of services, including scouting for the perfect location, casting and
organising every detail of the shoot, including permissions, catering and personnel.
Once the shoot has been successfully wrapped up, we don’t stop there… Our creatives
and design whizzes will take care of editing to offer you a fully-polished finished product.
Just get in touch with us to find out more.

Can you manage Art direction?

In a word, yes. However, we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients,
taking the time to listen to their needs, aims and ambitions. For this reason, we always
love to include them in the artistic process to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction
and the very best end results.

Do you manage casting?

We will cast the perfect talent for your production from selected a photographer with a fantastic vision to a model ables to embody the essence of your brand. 
Slava also represents and manages amazing creative talents and praises itself in having a full team of talents including photographer, model, stylist, hair stylist and makeup artist. 

Would you recommend video or photo production?

We make individual production recommendations based upon the specificities of each
and every campaign. When shooting a photo campaign, however, we always suggest
that our clients maximise the production potential by shooting video as well. This can
later be used for the creation of additional content, such as ‘Behind the Scenes’ or
‘Making Of’ to add maximum impact and increase engagement.

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