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How to Retain B2B Clients with Content Marketing

How to Retain B2B Clients with Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an essential element of any B2B company’s marketing strategy. Great content that is thoughtfully designed, created and disseminated via the relevant channels is a vital aid in both establishing client relationships and ensuring that they are retained. So, what exactly is content marketing and how can it best be utilised to retain customers and connect with new clients? Let us expand further…

What is Content Marketing and how can my B2B company benefit from it?

In simple terms, the role of content marketing is to create and publish informative, engaging and timely content that serves to add value to your product or service. As well as forming an integral part of an overall marketing strategy, the right content can make a company stand out as a sector leader and build a profile that inspires trust, attracts new clients and strengthens existing client relationships. This type of marketing includes content as diverse as training materials, new product updates, ‘how to guides’ and infographics. The challenge for B2B companies lies in producing high-quality content that is entertaining and informative, whilst appealing to those among its target audience who are making the purchasing decisions. We’ve drawn on our experience at Slava Communication to come up with some key ideas on how you can make content marketing work for your business.

Make an Impression

One of the most important resources for any B2B company in leveraging content marketing is their specific expertise. ‘How to’ guides, user manuals, tips and tricks or even thought pieces on the issues that matter within their industry can position them as a trusted voice and a sector leader. An app creator who sends out regular, easy-to-follow guides on particular features of their app is not only offering extra assistance to their client but also promoting the capabilities of their product. This serves to showcase the features of their application and encourages both customer retention and satisfaction. Similarly, companies that offer assured advice or information on industry issues that aren’t directly linked to their specific product or service raise their profile as a trusted brand and enhance consumer confidence.

But Make Sure It’s a Good Impression

When designing and curating your content marketing, never lose sight of your target audience. Ensure that the content you produce always focuses on the needs and interests of your customer and potential client base, rather than simply serving as a platform to show off your performance. Evidently, publicising any industry awards, inclusion in articles or community initiatives all serve to increase your standing and elevate your profile within the sector and are an indispensable element to your overall content marketing strategy. But be sure to counterbalance such publications with content that will make your client’s life easier, enable them to get the most out of your product, or offer clear and concise information or advice regarding changes within your industry. Offering such relevant information not only serves to position you as a leader within the sector and highlight your expertise, it also shows that you are committed to helping your customers grow their own businesses, thereby adding value to your overall offering. 

Design a Long-Term Strategy

Any content marketing strategy needs to be focused on long-term goals for customer retention with a consistent and coherent approach. Follow-up newsletters and informative guides once your client has purchased your product will assist in making your client’s life easier, enabling them to get the most out of your product and demonstrate that you are focused on providing them with an optimum service and product. Tactics such as sharing customer testimonials will generate a sense of confidence and also demonstrate to new clients that you already have a satisfied customer base. Once you have acquired a new client,  you can then utilise content marketing to increase revenue through upselling, new product launches and more. With the cost of generating a new client estimated as being between 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, content marketing that is firmly focused on customer retention offers great opportunities for ROI. 

Be the Talk of the Town

While it is a conventional notion that loyalty or referral schemes are more suited to B2C brands, such initiatives can also be a major asset for B2B. Clients within the B2B sector are placing increasing emphasis on smooth service and added value when it comes to making their purchasing decisions regarding suppliers. Being able to demonstrate a core base of satisfied customers via reviews, testimonials, social media publications or even at in-person events provides you with your very own brand ambassadors to enhance your reputation. And if happy customers are rewarded for their support, then the end result is an even happier customer.

Content Rules

When your strategy is firmly established, you need to ensure that the content you are producing is high-quality and designed to connect with your audience in an engaging and stimulating manner. Your client profile should be clearly defined, with all of their needs and pain points taken into account to ensure that you are producing content that responds to their necessities and desires. At each stage of your content creation process ask yourself what the added value is for your client, how it is interesting to them and how it strengthens your relationship. If you need assistance in establishing your content marketing goals and strategy then now might be the time to turn to professionals who can help you from planning your strategy to producing and managing the content.  

If you would like to discuss how content marketing can help you to increase client retention and drive new sales then Slava Communication can help you when it comes to maximising your return on investment. Drop us a line via our website, or give us a call to find out how we can transform your strategy into a market-leading force.

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