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Influencers, social media and PR: The recipe for a successful marketing campaign

Influencers, social media and PR: The recipe for a successful marketing campaign

The power of the influencer is anything but in decline. We witnessed it throughout 2020 as the UK government and the NHS partnered with content creators to fight the war against misinformation, especially among younger generations. The role of PR, marketing and advertising tactics was vital towards the efforts to vaccinate the majority of the population across the region.  But that comes as no surprise, and it is not a tactic being used only by public institutions. The growing power that influencers hold in the digital age is a beast that cannot be tamed, and it is up to businesses to leverage these connections in order to lead their brand’s image in the right direction.

The case for building a relationship between the content creator and their audience is more compelling than ever. If a business chooses to ignore this opportunity, it sends the wrong message to the client that the B2C relationship is not a strong priority. In this period of cultural shifts, the new term ‘integrated communications’ has arisen to reflect the importance of tapping all key platforms and not just traditional media to reach one’s target audience.  While visibility across social media platforms is beneficial, influencer collaborations may bring one’s credibility and reputation to the next level. 

So, how exactly can I leverage partnerships with influencers?

Just as a company seeks to build relationships with their audience, the same goes for influencers. The process of creating substantial, long-term partnerships takes time and planning. The steps below outline how to build a network of ‘Instagram buddies’:

  • Decide who you are interested in collaborating with.

Be conscious of numbers. It should be no surprise that influencers with a high follower count lead to a higher potential turnover rate. Nonetheless, those with a significantly greater follower count are trickier to access, and generally charge more for sponsorships. Most importantly, ensure that they fit your company’s brand and values, otherwise your company could face negative backlash for these inconsistencies. Carefully evaluate whether their followers represent your target audience so that their content is consistent with your brand later down the line.

  • Introduce your brand. Be a friend.

Make your company stand out. While the end goal is securing a partnership deal, make the connection authentic. Articulate your brand clearly, so the influencer understands your company’s vision and mission.

  • Be casual. Include them to brand events.

The more engaged they are with the brand on a personal level, the greater chance of securing a partnership. In cases involving product sponsorships, a strong sense of what your brand stands for is advantageous.

  • Seal the deal and offer a collaboration.

Once you’ve secured an organic relationship with the influencer, pitch a partnership. Provide them with logistical information regarding hashtags, links and verbiage for delivering a successful marketing campaign.

What are your clients ultimately looking for?

Social media is the golden ticket to speaking straight to one’s audience. In today’s digitally connected world, the power of PR is right in your hands. Make your business’ marketing strategy one that is personal; hone in to the culture of your target audience and interact with them so the brand becomes something bigger. Authentic influencer partnerships that fit your brand and philosophy help cut through the online promotional content that consumers are continually being exposed to in order to create credibility, trust, engagement and a sense of connection. For this reason, the capacity of ethos in digital marketing should not be underestimated. Social media is the trailblazer for shaping culture in the 21st century, and it is up to businesses to decide how they want to navigate the framing of their own company culture.

If you’d like more information on how Slava Communication can help you to secure influencer partnerships, you can get in touch here.


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