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Using Social Media to Secure B2B Investment

Using Social Media to Secure B2B Investment

Securing investment is one of the greatest challenges in a company’s journey and while social media hasn’t conventionally been viewed as a significant factor in attracting financing for B2B, in recent years its impact has transformed such platforms into essential tools to raise your profile, expand your network and generate leads. We’re here to provide you with some of the essentials when it comes to using social media to spark the interest of investors, as well as analyse the key platforms that will connect you with investment opportunities.

Carefully Curate Your Content

In the US, over 33% of adults have asked investment firms questions about the information they’ve found while using social media. And 70% of wealthy investors have either relocated investments or changed their relationship with a financial investor because of social media content they’ve seen. Many businesses direct their social media accounts towards their target audience when it comes to potential clients, however, you need to ensure that your community manager is aware of your investment ambitions to include them in your overall strategy. Compelling and knowledgeable, as well as likeable content, that also offers a more personal insight into your business shines out like a beacon to angel investors, who often look beyond facts and figures to form an overview of a company’s ethos, mission and motivation. Powerful and stimulating storytelling that makes your voice unique will optimise your chances of catching their attention.

Get Noticed

Many businesses, particularly in B2B, don’t prioritise their social media activity as part of their company growth plan, resulting in sporadic, disconnected or insipid content. To attract investors, companies need to analyse their social media strategy to polish their profile and align future actions with their business ambitions. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, your social media strategy should focus on maintaining a consistent presence and building your social proof.

Online presence should be built organically to enhance trust in your company and to establish a strong and reliable identity. You should also be active on social media in terms of how you interact within your network with a view to casting your net wider. Engaging with key figures within your sector and making insightful comments or offering solutions will all serve to enhance your image, with platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter providing the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, influencers and potential investors.

Be Selective

A Wharton Business School study of Twitter discovered that the social media activity of start-ups was often influential in funding outcomes, so it’s particularly important for new businesses to establish their online reputation in the right places. Social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Instagram, among others, provide investors with the means to rapidly access a variety of online sources. In fact, a Greenwich Associates 2015 study found that nearly 80% of institutional investors use social media as part of their regular workflow, and around 30% of them said that information they obtained on social media had influenced an investment recommendation or outcome. Investors will also look at key personnel within your company, so you also need to ensure that the online activity of your management team is positive and firmly aligned with your brand. You should identify the relevant platforms that will best enable you to connect with your client base and potential investors, rather than trying to cover every possible channel. If you aren’t sure which platforms are right for you, then engaging the services of a digital communication expert can enable you to establish a clear strategy for maximum ROI. However, below, we’ve provided you with our top three social media platforms with a view to securing investment.

Our Top Three Social Media Channels for Investment

Every company or sector will have its own social media niche according to its business needs, however, there are three key platforms that we consider essential for all B2B companies to take notice of. All three should be incorporated into your social media strategy if you are seeking to catch the eye of investors.

  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has proven itself to be a highly valuable platform for B2B and its emphasis on networking and relationship building is of particular benefit for companies looking to develop investor relations. Platform content can include key business achievements, reports and awards, as well as thought pieces that highlight a company’s expertise, ethos or community participation. With content that is generally much more sector targeted than on other social media platforms, it is also a key channel to post interviews with founders, CEOs and other key figures to offer investors an insight into the company structure and modus operandi.
  • Facebook
    Despite its increasingly turbulent trajectory, this social media giant has seen off most of the new kids on the block to remain the world’s most widely used social media platform. While not as business- focused as channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, it is still an essential piece of the social media puzzle for growing communities and encouraging retail investment relations. It has a number of useful features that allow you to engage your community and in turn demonstrate brand loyalty and customer satisfaction to any potential investors, as well as to create a canvas for the backstory to your business, offering ‘soft’ information that could sway an angel investor. Paid ads also allow you to target specific regions, audiences and interests, which means you can hone in on your potential investor profile when it comes to capturing their attention.
  • Twitter
    Twitter is our third essential platform for B2B companies looking to catch the attention of investors. With its 280-character limit, any tweets need to be timely, concise and impactful. It is the perfect channel for broadcasting infographics, white papers, press releases and engaging with any hot topics within your industry. With features that allow you to research the interests of potential investors and movers and shakers within the industry, the platform provides the opportunity to get noticed by potential investors and establish yourself as an expert voice within your sector.

In short, social media is an essential component of any drive to secure funding for your business, both directly and indirectly, by enhancing your company profile, raising awareness and establishing an image that appeals to investors. Engaging, timely content and a comprehensive strategy are a key parts of any business growth plan. If you would like to discuss how Slava Communication can design and refine your digital footprint for an optimal appeal to investors, just drop us a line here.

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